About us
Company background
mReferral Corporation (HK) Limited (mReferral Mortgage Brokerage Services) is a joint venture of CK Hutchison Holdings Limited and Midland Holdings Limited. mReferral offers the mortgage plans from all banks with mortgage services in Hong Kong. We partner with over 70 banks and financial institutions, providing more than 100 mortgage and refinance products, free of charge.
mReferral will guide you through the entire mortgage application process
Through mReferral, you can access up-to-date mortgage plans of numerous banks and financial institutions simultaneously. mReferral provides detailed analysis and comparison on different mortgage plans, helping you to choose the most suitable mortgage plan hassle-free. Our services cover new mortgage, refinancing and cash-out refinancing on your primary or secondary residential, industrial and commercial properties.
Scope of services
  • Property valuation arrangement
  • Loan pre-approval arrangement
  • Information of the latest mortgage plans and offers
  • Mortgage plan analysis and comparison
  • Mortgage application process follow-up
  • New mortgage, refinancing and cash-out refinancing on primary and secondary residential, industrial and commercial properties.
Mortgage referral procedures
You are hassle-free when you arrange your mortgage through mReferral. We will guide you through the entire process giving you the best recommendations along each step of the way.
Industry leader with Outstanding Brand Management
To strengthen the brand awareness, mReferral has long been promoting itself on different mass media platforms since its establishment. To further educate the public on mortgage knowledge and share the latest trend on mortgage market, mReferral has been dedicated to organize a number of free seminars every year. Besides, mReferral had been very proud to be the winner in some branding and charitable awards in recent years, it is once again proving that mReferral is well supported by the industry players and the general public in Hong Kong.
Community services
As a good corporate citizen, mReferral has been consistently encourage employees to participate in various charity and volunteer activities. Besides, mReferral has been awarded the “Caring Company” honor by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service for seven consecutive years, reflecting the recognition of the public and society in the past. mReferral will continue work harder in the future, in order to spread the seeds of love to help the community and people in need.
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